Okay so it has now been over three months since the Mitchell Report and what has changed? The season opened in Tokyo this week and at this point it seems that the report was all for nothing. 3 months later the only people who benefited from the report are bloggers, journalists, and reporters. So what was the point?

Look around baseball and what has changed? There is still no new drug policy in writing. There is still no HGH testing in baseball. Players named in the report have played in spring training and in Japan like nothing ever happened. The only fallout from the entire report seems to be Roger Clemens who was retired anyway.

Remember the days before and after the report? Nobody could stop talking about the names and consequences coming out of the report. What was the point of naming names when guys like Andy Pettite are signing new deals and playing in spring training like nothing ever happened? The only conclusion that I can draw from all of this is that Bud Selig is an idiot!

Fans really dont care if players are juicing, gambling, running around on their wives, or shooting B-12 into their asses. The hardcore baseball fan who is keeping score during a game cares. However, those fans arent about to give up their season tickets or tune out because of anything they read in the Mitchell Report. Casual fans could care less and just want to go have fun at a game. The only people that cared were the media who profited more from the report than anyone else.

I read somewhere that Yankee season tickets for the new stadium are selling in some places for upwards of $800,000. I had to win a lottery to buy tickets to a Red Sox game here at Citizens Bank Ballpark. I am spending my mornings watching live baseball games from Japan on ESPN. Has this hurt baseball in the least? Absolutely not and the players could probably care less more than anyone.

Roger Clemens should be outraged. He is the one and only fallout from the entire report. Not only has his chances of getting into the Hall of Fame been blown, but he is facing a possible indictment. His family was dragged into this, specifically his wife. More so than anything, Clemens legacy is tarnished and he will never be recognized for his greatness.

What was the fallout for Clemens HGH mate Andy Pettite? How about a $16 million contract signed a few days before the report came out? Did Pettite have to answer questions in front of Congress? No, a press conference was sufficient for Andy P. Andy simply apologized and moved on. Keep in mind that these two guys were accused of the same crime. I think it is fair to say that punishments and losses were a lot worse for one than the other.

So here we sit watching a sport that was exposed for mass drug abuse where nothing has changed. The rules are the same, players are still playing, and games are selling out well in advance. Bud Selig exposed his sport and his players to ridicule and scrutiny for what? The answer is simple. It was all about absolving himself as much as he can from steroids in baseball. It was a selfish idea and he should be held accountable for it. Dont worry Bud, we know the real deal. The reality of the situation is that you look like a bigger ass today than you did before the report was released. That is something unlikely to change.
Source: PhillyBurbs.com