Buying Hgh Hormone Human Growth Hormone

Buying Hgh Hormone Human Growth Hormone

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Buying HGH Online

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It is only legal to buy HGH, Human Growth Hormone in the United States through a prescribing medical doctor. Purchasing HGH from Internet companies outside the united states without a prescription is illegal - whether you are aware of it or not. It is a felony to purchase HGH Human Growth Hormone from illegal sources outside the United States. Many people who think they can get away with it, have found out the hard way. Don't make the mistake of not getting HGH or Testosterone from a medical doctor, we are here to help you get HGH & Testosterone legally if you have a genuine need.

To legally purchase Human Growth Hormone in the United States and have it shipped directly to you in the mail requires the following steps.

1. Symptoms: You are experiencing or suffering from the symptoms of Human Growth Hormone deficiency. Fill out our medical questionnaire and see if you are experiencing the symptoms of Hormone deficiency.

2. Evaluation: A physical exam and blood work will be done for you by a local doctor who you will visit within a 25 minute drive from your home, or a doctor can come directly to your home to give you a physical exam and draw your blood work. Your blood will be shipped overnight delivery to lab corp and 4 days later your results should be processed.

3. Diagnosis: Analysis of your physical exam and blood work will be done by our board certified medical doctor on our staff, it is included in the $495 start up cost.

4. Prescription: A program of diet, exercise, and HGH or Testosterone therapy is designed for you based on your height, weight, age, symptoms and blood analysis. Your complete hormone replacement therapy program will be shipped directly to your home by FedEx, you will need to sign for it..

5. Follow up: Blood work and physical exam analysis every 6 months to 1 year.

With a little hard work and dedication, you should be able to overcome your medical conditions and find vitality and wellness again in your life. When you are ready to begin, please contact us, we will answer your questions and help you get started.

Buying HGH Online

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